Fostering Innovation


Saint Paul is at a crossroads. Do we want our city to be an innovative economic hub that empowers residents and businesses to dream up bold new ideas–or just a bedroom community where we sleep at night?

In order to evolve from our historical blue-collar manufacturing and brewing roots, we must find new ways to attract high-tech businesses and entrepreneurs who will invest in our community and create the jobs of tomorrow.

While city leaders continue to focus on tax incentives for housing and retail developments, we believe that it is the investment in a high-speed fiber-optic network that will be the key to this transformational shift. Not only will an ultra-fast internet option provide the infrastructure needed to produce cutting-edge products and services, it will encourage skilled workers to live and work in Saint Paul.

The result: a more robust local economy, ancillary job creation, a growing property tax base, and the ability to deliver better public services.

Best of all, Saint Paul will be in a position to compete with forward-thinking cities like Chattanooga, Tennessee, that have already made these investments and are attracting new industries eager to set up shop.