Fiber Internet for every home, school, & business in Saint Paul!

Fiber Internet in Saint Paul

The Case for Fiber Internet

Innovation can come from everyone. - Sen. Al Franken

Everyone deserves a fair chance at success. In an age where information is everything, access to that information is crucial. Fiber optic cable networks provide reliable, high-speed communication and, when distributed equitably and responsibly, can pave the way for innovation and a more connected, better-educated community.

Community Owned

  • High-speed, fiber optic networks are an investment in public infrastructure, just like our water, roads, sewers, & bridges.
  • Public ownership means that profits remain within the community, improving the local economy and providing benefits shared by everyone.

Dig Once

  • Nearly 80% of fiber installation costs comes from digging trenches.
  • By adding fiber conduit whenever roads, streets, sidewalks, or bridges are under construction, the city can develop a fiber optic network over time in a cost-efficient manner.


  • Success in the digital economy requires investing in the needs of future generations.
  • Affordable access for all will help close the digital divide by ensuring that all children have equal internet access inside and outside of the classroom
  • It will also allow adult learners to engage in distance learning and other educational opportunities.
  • By partnering with community businesses and organizations we can promote a more vibrant and diverse local economy that can serve as a hub for entrepreneurs, tech start-ups, and small businesses.


  • As a non-profit venture, we can put people before profits by reinvesting revenues to expand the network and improve access for all.
  • As a community asset, all operations and finances will be transparent and accountable to the public.
  • As a public good, taxpayer dollars will be invested in a jointly-shared enterprise that will help create living-wage jobs and greater opportunities for everyone to utilize the information superhighway